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  • What are my obligations if I have a suspicion of child abuse or neglect and I'm not at work?
  • How do I respond to a client who confides to an extramarital affair but doesn't want to discuss it in couples therapy?
  • My client continually avoids discussing his childhood, even though I think he may have been abused when he was young, what do I do?
  • How do I ethically administer a program that had previously deceived clients about their rights?

Clinical practice can be confusing, challenging and full of pitfalls and dangers. Understanding them and how to respond is critical to a therapist's ability to manage the therapeutic relationship.

Moshe has been supervising students for over 35 years. Child psychiatry residents, MSW, marriage and family therapy and professional counseling interns from 11 programs in Georgia and around the country have benefited from Moshe's many years of practice, training and experience.  


Moshe has frequently presented for local groups.  He has recently been invited by NASW and Nefesh International to present on-line training during the COVID pandemic.  He has presented to Emory University's Child Psychiatry grand rounds, Emory Child Psychiatry residents as well as for Georgia Tech psychology classes. He is always given high marks for his energy and the accessibility of his content.

Presentation Topics include

  • Psychotherapy with College Age Students on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Contribution Training
  • Sexuality and Developmental Disabilities
  • Chronic Sorrow of Parents of Children with Disabilities
  • Family Assessment
  • Couples Counseling
  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders and Treatment
  • Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders and Treatment
  • Family Therapy with Children with Chronic Medical, Developmental and Psychiatric Diagnoses
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