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Moshe specializes in providing therapy to individuals, couples and families, specializing in families and families of children with autism, developmental disabilities and chronic medical and mental health diagnoses.

Moshe exclusively meets with clients via Zoom, a HIPAA compliant, confidential tele-conferencing platform. 

Areas of Focus:

  • Family therapy including a focus on children and adults with autism, chronic medical, developmental and psychiatric diagnoses.
  • Education of children and families about the meanings of different medical, psychiatric and developmental diagnoses and available treatments.
  • Couples therapy for those married, considering marriage or in extended relationships
  • Individual therapy with adults, teens and children specializing in people coping with high functioning Autism, other developmental disabilities and medical issues.
  • Collaborative Proactive Solutions: Moshe is certified by Ross Greene PhD author of The Explosive Child.
  • Clinical Supervision and Consultation and Presentations

Moshe is happy to speak with you on the phone or by e-mail about your needs to see if he can help or to provide you with appropriate referrals.

He brings 40 years of experience in helping people gain insight, into their relationships and in sustaining them through the difficult challenges of life.

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